Drum n Race BreakDown
Code : Red
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Enemy Types

Easy to note from they're eye. Are the easiest to hit as they come straight towards you, but in later levels are also the most deadly. Come in different speed types and never miss..

They aim to the right of you then curve to the left, rarely hit you first time, but act mainly as a distraction from the more deadly enemies. Don't just ignore them though, on a hit they do quite some damage.

This enemy will rotate itself around you and continue to do so, blocking any shots out, but allowing enemies to pass under them. Can be used for tacktical avvantage in some levels, but towards the end you start to realise you don't want them, once low on health they will attack you.

Welcome to the spin-bot's bigger brother, takes more punishment to kill off and moves at a faster speed, does the same damage but in packs are deadly.

These are nasty and the late and early downfall of most players. They are extremely nasty as not only will they take punishment, but they dont die on collision! The sit there draining your health as they cut at you and block your view, stopping you from attacking other approaching enemies.

These little green enemies keep their distance from you, firing from the edge of the screen before attacking from another angle.. on early levels these arent much of a problem but combined with the next enemy.. uh oh.

See that green thing up there? These are the daddies. Aproach from the side fire off bullets much faster beofre charging to wards u... still firing. If they hit they do extencive damage.. if they miss they line up for a second attack. Defenatly a priorety in the killing.

Power Ups

Speed Up
Increases rate of fire and speed of shell. Effects all guns.

Machine Gun
Machine Gun
Gives you 100 bullets to play with... Less powerfull than the normal shells (0.5x Normal), but cover a wider area and fire faster.

Tripple Shot
Gives you 10 rounds of plasma for your disposal, each round fires 3 shots, each more powerfull than a normal shell but easily run out.

Gives you 10 Laser rounds. High rate of fire and high damage (6x Normal), wasted on lesser enemies but usefull against the tougher ones.

Reduces damage by about 3/4.

Protects you from all damage for a set time. Armour plates can still be destroyed during this time.

Armour Plates
Added in a clockwise order, if you already have 4 then they are repaired. These protect their individual corner from 3 hits.

General Tips

At the start try and get as many power-ups as possible, they only apear one at a time, so if u have the health to space or are fast enough make sure u get them before destroying anymore enemies.

Spinning bots don't often hit first time, so when there is a choise of what to go for, aim for the i-bots, as these cannot miss.

Try not to use up Tipple-shot and Laser on normal levels, as these come in handy on the bosses, 99 Laser will kill off the purple one in one sitting if you manage it. 99 Tripple if all 3 shots hit will kill off the green one. So if you use then all up getting that far these bosses will be alot harder!

While normal enemies cannot get though the extra armour plates, fireballs and razor-bots can. if you have these try to take out these enemies first.

Double Turret Mode

On the titlescreen / menu, hold Square and Circle untill the option appears.